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Pat Parker-Roach

I first met John Milton in about 2001 videoing him at a SoL sponsored event at MIT's Sloan School. I did my first Sacred Passage in 2002 in Baja. Since then I have had a number of solo experiences at the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone, CO most recently with a 44-day AllOne program. I have also completed John's guide training.

At about the same time that I met John I supported Otto Scharmer's delivery of his first Theory U seminar in the Silicon Valley. At that seminar I attended a fireside chat with Stanford economist W. Brian Arthur. Since then, I have crossed paths with Brian a number of times at the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone. While I was doing my 44-day solo this fall, Brian did a 3-week solo, his 50th since his first with John in 1992.

Through these connections and my work with the Society for Organizational Learning, I have been deepening my understanding of the underpinnings of Theory U and its power in innovation and personal transformation.

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