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Welcome to the WoN NE Advisory Group

Updated: Feb 6

We are a small group of individuals who have been asked to help establish a Way of Nature Northeast community of practice. The first steps in such an initiative can have a profound effect on the success of its launch and its sustainability. You each bring a wealth of experience in this area and your involvement is appreciated.

Please take a moment to very briefly let us know of your involvement with John P Milton and/or his Way of Nature organization adding a post to the Advisor's Backgrounds category in the menu above.

As we move forward we can use this space to share and store information. Please notice that I have created a couple of categories in the menu above where you can post ideas in the spirit of brainstorming to help stimulate thoughts amongst us; Community of Practice Structure, Potential Collaborators, Potential Venues, Potential Offerings, etc. Please let me know if you would like me to add another category. It's easy enough!



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I first met John Milton in about 2001 videoing him at a SoL sponsored event at MIT's Sloan School. I did my first Sacred Passage in 2002 in Baja. Since then I have had a number of solo experiences at

This is an area where members of the Advisory Group can briefly share your backgrounds related to Way of Nature and John Milton.

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